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Our developers are all Magento certified

If you would like to develop an online shop, call a certified Magento developer. The Magento CMS is one of the most used platforms for the creation of e-commerce sites. The developer Magento develops high-performance merchant sites, which can contain an unlimited number of product references.

Magento certifications, what is it?

The magento certification program is open to all the developers. Nevertheless, beginners to abstain ! These certifications test the confirmed candidates and require not only an excellent level of Magento development, but also a lot of practice. A Magento certification is therefore a real guarantee of skills.

Magento certifications

At Gentflow, we confirm the value of these certifications. There are 4 types of Magento certification :

  • Magento Certified Developer. Launched by the publisher in early 2012, this certification is obtained by passing a competency test developed by the Magento technical teams and confirms the good level in development and programming of the candidate. Only the programming skills count towards obtaining this examination.
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus,
  • Magento Certified Front End Developer,
  • Magento Certified Solution Specialist.

These four Magento certifications allow you to assess the quality of providers you are comparing.

A quality approach with a positive impact

As ecommerce specialists with Magento, we understand the difficulties our clients have in engaging with providers and entrusting them with their projects. How do you choose a provider and be sure you have made the right choice? Today, we note that some Magento platforms do not reach a quarter of their potential and have major weaknesses.

While e-commerce (B2B and B2C) is constantly evolving, the requirements in terms of robustness, performance and modularity leave nothing to chance. Limited or blocked by the skills of their service provider, many e-retailers do not benefit from the incredible possibilities that Magento offers and which makes it today the world leader in Open Source e-commerce solutions. Here, your ecommerce with gentflow !