Development in web and webmarketing
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Start at the begining but dont stop there!

The time has evolved well thanks to the Internet and the Internet has also grown over time. Today, one finds everything on the websites. But the proper functioning of the latter depends first of all on an efficient language which is at the basis of its creation and maintenance. Ruby on Rails has been developed to bring dynamic sites online with applications that can meet the needs of the public. The programming with Ruby is not only made for web development experts. Simple IT enthusiasts have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the subject.

Beginning in web development with Ruby

For connoisseurs, it will be said that Ruby is a programming language and Ruby on Rails a set of code at the base of the foundation of the website in question. For beginners, one will speak mainly of Framework that is used to design applications and sites. The famous social networks we use today were created from Ruby on Rails. It is also very used not the startups of the moment. Ruby has the ability to quickly create a website while respecting the right guidelines. For the prerequisites, the introduction to Ruby will focus on basic themes such as the installation and configuration of a PC development environment or practical information such as library management. However, this information is not sufficient. It is recommended to follow advanced training to be able to master this tool.

Progressing in the Ruby language

For those who wish to develop their expertise in development, they must complete training that summarizes all aspects of this programming. Indeed, it is not enough to master the operation of this type of language. As complex as it is, most of the work remains in the management of the site or application once online. With an advanced ruby on rails application development , the developer will be able to host its application, optimize it or secure it once on the rails. At the end of the training, he must be able to develop fully functional websites.