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You can try yourself or aim for the moon

Why choose a web agency for the creation of your website? Yes why, when it is possible to do without. There are a lot of online tools available to create a website without technical knowledge. Why pick up skills that you simply find by searching the internet. Because you aim the moon and...

Because you're not a specialist

Many people want to develop their own website, improvising themselves web designers, graphic designers or even developers.With tools like Wordpress or Wix, for example, it's very easy to get into the game. These solutions have the advantage of not requiring learning time. It is generally enough to choose a graphic theme, to attribute it to a type of structure (site showcase, ecommerce site, blog) and to add some elements allowing to personalize it (menu, colors, typos, photos, etc ...) . A bit like puzzle, we recover bricks of pre-developed codes, which we just drag and drop to place them on his site.

Where the problem lies, it is precisely the standardization of these online solutions, simple and easy. They do not allow to do everything and overall, except for a few shop windows, the possibilities are too few. And this quickly becomes disabling.

You will quickly realize that if you want to really personalize your site you will have to develop it yourself, because these solutions can not think of everything. They serve to palliate a lack but certainly not to build a site of quality, professional and referenced! Because yes, online solutions are far from optimized, for referencing, for UX and UI, and so on. And a site, if not visible, is useless.

Because you do not know SEO

You need notions in writing, semantics, programming language, knowing how to use complex software, setting up strategies for acquiring links, knowing social networks to acquire reputation, mastering web marketing and construction of websites, and so on.

That's why a professional web design company is a must!